St. Lawrence University’s permanent collection provides students, faculty, scholars, and a broad regional community the opportunity to study and enjoy original works of art. The collection includes over 7,000 art objects and artifacts, with particular strengths in twentieth-century American and European works on paper, including photographs, prints, portfolios, drawings, and artists’ books. Recent acquisitions include works by Akwesasne Mohawk artists Iakkonikonriiosta,Katsitsionni Fox, and Natasha Smoke Santiago, and mokuhanga prints by Lucy May Schofield, Andy Farkas, Mariko Jesse, Katsutoshi Yuasa, Yoonmi Nam, Mia O, Katie Baldwin, and Patty Hudak.

Works of art from the collection are regularly utilized for exhibition, classroom, and research purposes. Students actively participate in all aspects of collection management, learning museum standards of art handling and registration, assisting with the installation of exhibitions and campus displays, as well as conducting research for curatorial purposes and educational programs. Tours of the collection storage facility and works of art are provided regularly to St. Lawrence University classes and regional school groups.

The collection is also made accessible to the public through an active campus display program, in which works of art are installed thematically in the Owen D. Young Library, the Launders Science Library in Madill Hall, Vilas Hall, and the Peterson Center for International and Intercultural Studies in Carnegie Hall.



A catalogue of the photographs in the Richard F. Brush Art Gallery permanent collection is available. Below is the table of contents of the volume. If you are interested in purchasing this catalogue, please contact us to make arrangements.


Foreword by the President Daniel F. Sullivan
Foreword by the Vice-President and Dean of Academic Affairs
Thomas B. Coburn
Director’s Introduction: The Poetry and Politics of Juxtaposition
Catherine Tedford
Photographs from the Permanent Collection: Selected Plates
“A Certain but Fugitive Testimony” Gary D. Sampson
Beyond the Ordinary Michael E. Hoffman
A Universe in a Fruit Bowl Mark C. Klett
What Is Photography? Exploring the Question in a Liberal Arts Environment Thomas W. Southall
The Fictions of Collections Eloy J. Hernández
Art Historians and their Photographs Dorothy Limouze
Photographs in the Curriculum Carole Mathey
The Contest of Privilege Bill Gaskins
Jewels, Native Fruits, and Ragged Merchandise – Esther Parada
Photographs from the Permanent Collection: An Illustrated Checklist
The Past as Present: Selected Photographs from the Libraries’ Special Collections and University Archives -Mark C. McMurray

recent Acquisitions:

detail of quilt

Artist’s Statement: Iakonikonriiosta

Online Exhibition Artist’s Statement: Iakonikonriiosta Inspired by part of the Haudenosaunee Creation Story, this quilt illustrates the moment the spiritual Water Birds and Water Animals watched as the Sky Woman, heavy with child, gave thanks and placed primordial soil filled with life onto the Great Turtle’s shell. In a spiritual time before light and land existed, the…