Micro-Worlds: The Nature of Living
Art & Art History Senior Seminar Exhibition

april 28May 20, 2023


Micro-Worlds: The Nature of Living is a collection of artworks that asks viewers to look introspectively at the unique ways in which people choose to live their lives. Throughout life, individuals create their own micro-worlds of thoughts, actions, and beliefs. 

During the spring 2023 semester, Studio Art and Art History majors at St. Lawrence University worked in a variety of media to examine subjects ranging from the state of the earth and society, to spirituality, nostalgia, gender, religion, and individuality. The exhibition is a culmination of these students’ micro-worlds — bursting with color, sometimes humor, and a sense of discovering oneself and continuing to navigate and understand a complex macro-world.

Gallery reception for the artists
Friday, April 28, at 5:00 p.m.


Hayley Castagnier
Cam Elasri-Ghadfa
Cole H. Heffernan
Alyssa Landry
Lindsay Lukehart
Jesi Mann
Sarath Novas Torres
Sierra Potaczek
Eva Yeo