Footprints of Light:
Photographs by Nikita Krakhofer ’23

April 28 – June 4, 2023


Footprints of Light is a celebration of my journey as a photographer and a tribute to the person who inspired me to pursue this art form – my dad. The exhibition title is a reference to how light leaves its mark, or “footprint,” on a piece of film, which is an essential component to my artistic practice. As I explore the world and travel to new places, I capture the moments that inspire me where I leave my own footprints on the ground, creating a connection between my personal experiences and the images I produce.

I approach my photography with a sense of curiosity and spontaneity, frequently using expired film to capture unexpected and unique results. I like to capture emotions quickly as they unfold, while also being intentional about composition and framing to create visually compelling images. I enjoy the challenge of creating images that are both familiar and unfamiliar at the same time. The beauty of photography lies not only in the image itself, but also in the stories and emotions that it evokes.

My involvement with the Bushwick Community Darkroom in Brooklyn, NY, has been instrumental in my artistic journey. Printing there provided me with the opportunity to connect with other analog photographers, learn new techniques, and gain the support and encouragement of fellow artists. Together, we share a love of film photography and a commitment to the community that revolves around it.

I am grateful for the two off-campus study programs offered by the Center for International and Intercultural Studies at St. Lawrence University for providing me with the opportunity to travel and grow as an artist. I studied in Madrid, Spain, in the spring of 2022 and in New York City in the fall of 2022. Along the way, I met many talented photographers who have been a great source of inspiration for me. It is also a great joy to exhibit the work of my friends from Spain as part of this exhibition. To see more of their work, follow the Instagram accounts below. – Niki Krax

Special thanks to Temujin (@temu.jin), Cat (@35mm.of.disorder), and Pako (@pko.ram).